Cluster Orchestrator

Got many systems, make them play together !



ClusterOrca … a cluster based provisioning tool that goes back to the roots in order to bridge the gap between the various DSC systems like Puppet, Chef, Salt and convince them to work together !

No matter what have you written, what language you used it should be feasible to orchestrate everything in a matter of minutes.

There are many products on the market performing deployments using desired state configuration files, many of them work nicely, but this is not always sufficient. I built this application for the cases when we actually need to know when a server gets deployed, we have predefined downtime windows etc.  The Orchestrator server is responsible for lunching simple apply/rollback pair scrips which can be used to deploy your code or just call your preferred DSC client to apply the configuration locally.

Want to get started ? Get it free from our download page and try it out.