Cluster Orchestrator

Got many systems, make them play together !



ClusterOrca … a cluster based provisioning tool that is using the most basic operating system commands, simple shell scripts, to trigger complex orchestrations.

No matter what have you written, what language you used it should be feasible to orchestrate everything in a matter of minutes. Just prepare some simple code calling your chef command line client or your old scripts that you had sitting around for last 20 years.

There are many products on the market performing deployments using desired state configuration files, many of them work nicely, but this is not always sufficient.

I built this application for the cases when we actually need to know when a server gets deployed, we have predefined downtime windows etc.  The Orchestrator server is responsible for lunching simple apply/rollback pair scrips in a particular order. What else ? The server manages all files centrally and will transfer the scripts to the remote machines before execution. All the information that the system is using is actually stored in a set of files “the base folder”, this is allowing versioning of the configuration and proper management of the appliance. By default I did not add a repository on the appliance, I suspect you want to use your existing GIT, SVN, TFS.

Want to get started ? Get it free from our download page and try it out.